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Who is Daylyt?


One of the most controversial and entertaining battlers of this era. He started to bring some extra flair & gimmicks along with his bars to get views. Daylyt kept being judged on the amount of views he had instead of the content of his bars, and undressing himself in front of one of the top UK rappers from Leeds, Dialect.  He claims to be a Grape Street Crip. He has a tattoo on his face inspired by the comic book character Spawn.

Real Name Davone Cambell

Origin Watts, CA

Motto  “To the Batmobile!” “Marked out!” “If I don’t get my 500, Imma clap this shit up!”, “Quill”

Producer Darren Vegas

Daylyt: Actually, I was never a battle rapper. I was forced into battle rapping. One day there was this underground hip-hop spot out here in California that’s called, The Pit and one of my friends, Sticks, invited me to his event there. So when we get there, he comes up to me and says, “Sign your name right here. This is the get in free list.” So I sign my name and I get in free and I’m chilling in the back when they go, “Daylyt to the stage.” I’m like, “Oh yeah! They are going to give me a shout out.” So I get on the stage and he whispers in my ear, “Yo! I need you to battle this dude. C’mon, just do it for me, bro. Don’t leave me hanging.” I’m like, “Brandon, I don’t know how to battle, what hell are you talking about?” So mind you I am up there and you can quote my exact words, I’m up there shitting bricks. My hands are shaking, palms sweating. So the other guy comes on stage and I had a couple of old verses from a rap I did and I just spit them and the crowd went crazy! From then, it was like smoking crack. It was like I smoked crack for the first time and I was stuck. The feeling that the crowd gave me and the cheering. I signed my first autograph in my life at my first battle. I was completely addicted to the feeling of the crowd going crazy.